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You’re recovering from an incredible experience, having your baby, and right away your infant needs you to be in mommy mode around the clock, and you’re thinking, “there are so many ways to do it wrong or right.” Fortunately for you, there’s no one size fits all for this job. Sounds familiar? We are who you need when it comes to teaching you about your infant. We are Newborn Care Specialists, who are knowledgeable, trained and have years of experience working with parents teaching them the tools they need to give their newborn baby a great start. Tap into the why’s, how, when, what if’s, and Gain Access to our fully loaded brains, it is only the beginning of what you will learn when you Gain Access to a plethora of information, and knowledge, combine with passion.

Our proven methods are what mom’s, dad’s, and grandparents like you appreciate and trust over the years. We are referral based, and because you’ve heard about us either through your friends, pediatrician’s, books, social media, etc., it is time to take the first step to connect and hire us. Don’t put off learning how to:

  • Soothe your baby
  • Latching and nursing your baby
  • Caring for Sore nipples
  • Belly button care
  • Circumcision care
  • Get your baby on a routine during the first weeks
  • Develop good sleep habits early
  • Sleep training
  • Give you and your honey some much needed quality time alone again

Our referrals are our continued path to the gift that keeps on giving. Our goal is to take your stress and turn it into peace and we will achieve that when you put that first step into action. When we connect, whether a home visit or on the phone consult, we will begin identifying what you’re unsure of, have doubts about, or don’t know. We can guarantee you that after our couching is done, your confidence will resume. Click below on our link contact us for a consultation or purchase one of our gift package for yourself, a love one or someone you know who is having a baby.

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