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It can never be too early to introduce your toddlers to the love of books. At Cradle Zone, we have an array of books that are suitable for kids regardless of their age, including newborns. The aim of the book club is encouraging your little ones to love books, and at the same time get them accustomed to reading between caregivers or parents and kids in a relaxed, informal setting.

We will be suggesting series of books you can read to the amusement of your little ones. To find out more about the Cradle Zone book club, kindly read on. No child is too small for an interesting book to be read to.

Why you should read to your baby or toddler

  • It is a fun activity.
  • It helps to improve your child’s vocabulary.
  • It helps to increases your child’s attention span.
  • Reading a book to your kids can help them deal with developmental issues like transitioning from a cot to bed, potty training, seeing the doctor, getting ready for big school, and lots more.
  • It helps introduce them to the concept of compassion.

Reading a book to your child, even if it is little by little, is a gradual process in building the foundation of learning which may help them get ready for school. Reading to your little ones is a good way to teach them to love books.

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