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The majority of infants and toddlers spend a certain part of their day with caregivers basically as a result of the busy schedule and other commitments of their parents. These care givers include nannies, baby nurses, doulas, housekeepers, and so forth. Cradle Zone brings to you everything you need to know about care givers if you are in need of one. Cradle Zone will also offer you information and things you need to consider before choosing a care giver, the hallmark quality of child care, how to recognize reliable, high-quality child care, and lots more. The blog also tends to answer some of the most significant questions asked by parents about child care and care givers. You will also find helpful information about various ways to make sure your child gets the best care from their care givers, and to also ensure that you stay in touch with the nanny, baby nurse, doula, or housekeeper at every point of the way. Irrespective of your busy schedule, your baby deserve the very best in terms of child care.

Why Cradle Zone?

Approved Caring

At any moment you can check the qualifications of the any carers you like.

Save Time

Search for a babysitter? Quickly find the one who suit you best. The best child care is here.

Best prices

Search for a babysitter? Quickly find the one who suit you best. The best child care is here.


Toddlers can be very tricky. They have developed enough to have wants and ideas of their own. However, their emotions and bodies may not yet be keeping pace. As a way of helping you throughout the toddler years, including tantrums, toilet training, and moving to their first toddler bed, Cradle Zone brings to you lots of useful and helpful information about toddler behavior, activities, milestones, sleep, nutrition, and lots more.

We work together with experts, midwives, and parents to give you the necessary information you need to know about caring for your toddlers. You can always look forward to information about the following topics:

  • Bathing & Grooming – Bathing, Haircuts
  • Feeding & Nutrition – Toddler Breastfeeding, Healthy Eating for Toddlers, Toddler Feeding Problems & Concerns
  • Sleep for Toddlers – Getting Your Toddler to Sleep, Sleep Problems & Concerns, Naps, Sleep Sharing
  • Potty Training – Potty Training Basics, Potty Training Details
  • Toddler Development – Suspecting a Problem, Physical Development, Social & Emotional Development, Language & Cognitive Development
  • Toddler Behavior – Discipline, Behavior Problems, Disturbing Habits, Anxiety & Fears
  • Play & Toys – Play & Activities, Games, Playdates & Entertainment



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